A Perfect Planner for Fitness Lovers Working From Home

A 52 week fitness planner to set and achieve your health goals, track fitness, sleep, nutrition, water intake and more.


What Makes the EVRYDY Fitness Journal Special ?

  • All inclusive and easy to carry Fitness Planner to reach your fitness goals.
  • Deveop a smooth sailing routine with Daily Planner pages
  • Establish your weekly goals with 52 Weekly Planner pages
  • Schedule challenges and routine with 14 Montlhy Planner pages
  • A no nonsense Goal tracker, Habit Tracker, Meal planner
  • plus many more templates.


Everything a fitness lover could possibly need to track and achieve goals !

  • Goal Tracker

    Having a goal tracker can help motivate you to reach your health-related goals! Just enter the goals you want to achieve, whether it's losing 20 pounds, gaining muscle mass, or aiming for a six-pack.

  • Challenge Templates

    Are you ready to commit to a fitness routine? The 30 Day Fitness Worksheet is excellent for keeping you focused with your fitness routine and forming a habit. Professional trainers designed the templates which are great for both beginner and advanced stages of your fitness journey.

  • Habit Tracker

    You can use this Habit Tracker Calendar to establish and track new habits for self-improvement. Keep track of your daily habits, make your day amazing, and build a great life!


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Don't Feel Helpless When Working Out From Home

You’ll have daily planner, and weekly planner for 52 weeks to keep track of your fitness every week so you don’t fall short of what you set to achieve in the new year. Plus, you have trackers to keep track of your weight, steps and habits that you want to develop.