Being Active is Important for Your Mind, Body and Soul

We don't think about prioritising our health, mental well-being, and happiness because we are too busy and wouldn't know where to begin. With daily heavy and hectic demands, it's easy to lose sight of some of the most important health and happiness requirements, such as staying active, taking time for self-care, and eating to fuel your body.

EVRYDY is setting out to change this behavior because being active is very important to the whole body and mind to ignore.

EVRYDY is an athleisure wear brand that believe being active is important and can improve people's lives. Your health and mental wellbeing will improve when having an active lifestyle.

You just need to be active doing physical activities like running, yoga or working out for only 15 min a day.

Our mission is to design functional, stylish and affordable clothes and show how easy being active can be with the right clothes.


We believe in keeping it simple. You won't find unnecesaary gimmicks here. Our designs are made with high quality materials that are proven to be functional, breathable and comfortable to wear for everyday activities at a price point almost everyone can afford.

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Our designs are made for individuals being active everyday. With a full line of apparel including tees, shorts, and pants we help people like you to stay comfortable when working out or just chilling at home. All our products are made from sustainable fabric and so don't worry about any harm to the environment.

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