What is Athleisure ? (A Definitive Guide)

what is athleisure

The days of working out and then heading home to change into clean clothes before heading to office are over.

Today workout apparel is better-looking, better-designed and better-fitting. Some folks wear workout gear all-day, whether they run or not.

This comfortable athletic apparel is know as athleisure.

This is the ultimate guide to Athleisure clothing in 2022.

In this guide, we’ll define;

  • What is athleisure clothing ?
  • How you can wear this look everyday
  • How the term athleisure trend came to be Let’s get started.

What is athleisure ?

To understand what it means, let’s breakdown the term itself: “athleisure” is a combination of “athletic” and “leisure”.

In other words, the technical fabrics used in sporting clothing which is normally worn in gym is integrated with casual style clothes to be worn for exercising and general everyday use.

The main difference is that athleisure clothing focuses on prioritizing functionality and comfort over fashion.

Let’s try explaining it another way:

Clothes that can be worn in gyms are great.

Clothes that can be worn everyday is also great.

But clothes that can be worn everyday + gyms ?

You’ve got athleisure wear.


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