5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Active Wear Clothes for Workout.

workout clothes

So if you’re looking for;

More comfort,
More motion,
More performance

What clothes would you choose while working out or running in the morning? Fashionable clothes or functional clothes.

If you’re wondering, the answer is: functional clothes.

Choosing the right clothes has a direct correlation in how we perform and how motivated we are when working out or running.

Sure, you might wear cotton tees with your pyjamas and work out till you sweat, but it is not enough.

In this section, I am going to walk you through the different benefits of wearing a proper workout clothes for your active lifestyle.


  • Why are they important.
  • And how much these clothes can improve your performance, comfort and motion.

So let’s dive in.

    1. Keeps you dry and cool

    It is a fact that you will sweat when you workout for a long time.

    Once you start sweating, you will feel uncomfortable to continue working out because your tees will look wet and you will start to feel heavy wearing them.

    So if you want to workout for longer without sweating, the solution is simple:

    wearing breathable active wear clothes.

    Active wear clothes are engineered with moisture wicking material that dries quickly so you can run or work out comfortably for a long time.

    It is true that it can wick away the moisture and keep you cool and dry during your workouts.

    But it is also true that more fitness seekers are wearing active wear clothes for their workouts because it makes them feel comfortable.

    Everyday, more than 40% of fitness experts are switching to wearing performance clothes for their workouts.

      2. Free Motion

      Lightweight, functional active wear is the TREND right now.

      And for a good reason.

      Functional clothing allows for unrestricted motion and movement during workouts, and it feels like a second skin.

      Also, working in comfortable active wear will let you focus on the task at hand, which will help you do better and improve your health.

      So, when shopping for workout clothes, keep the three most important factors in mind:

      • Cloth fabric
      • Cloth design
      • Tailoring and stitches

      3. Improve Performance

      Will wearing active clothes improve the performance ?


      First, let’s know how performance is measured, exactly.

      Performance is about how conveniently you’re able to achieve your workout goals and improve day by day.

      For example, let’s say you are planning to lose 20 pounds in the next 2 months and will start working out for 30 min a day. Improving your performance means that the week after you’re able to work out for 45 min/day. And eventually, you will meet your goal sooner rather than later.

      Now that you know what performance is, it’s time to show you how you can improve performance while wearing active wear.

      To get the most out of your workout clothes, you should choose clothes that are comfortable for the activity that you’re doing.

      For example, if you’re into running, choose moisture-wicking active tees that will dry quickly and keep you feeling fresh. And if you’re working out in a gym or doing yoga choose active wear that can stretch for free flow of your body.

      Looking for these things will take a little bit of effort to find the right clothing.

      But, in my experience, the increases in performance that you get make it totally worth it.

      4. Strong Motivation

      A strong motivation is the difference between a body that is fit … and one that is out of shape.


      Here’s why your motivation is so important:

      You’re busy all day. Very busy.

      Which means you don’t have time baked in your daily schedule to workout.

      So changing to a workout gear can positively affect your confidence and motivate you to workout.

      For example, look at Emily in the right picture. She has changed to her comfortable workout clothes in her preparation for her trip to the gym.

      It’s literally that simple.


      Wear functional workout clothing to motivate yourself when working out. These clothes don’t have to be fancy and expensive. Check out some of EVRYDY active clothing.

      5. Prevent Injuries

      Have you injured when you workout ?

      Trust me, everyone has been there.

      I was clumsy when I first started working out. I would wear loose fitting clothes that would catch on the equipment and get hurt. And on the other hand, I would wear clothes that are too tight that limit my movement.

      So: How did I prevent injuries from happening ?

      I wear workout gear that is suitable for the activity that I am doing.

      For example, when I workout in the gym, I wear sleeveless tees and shorts that allow me to move freely enough to lift weights and do some intense exercise.

      And the other time, I would wear dry-fit active tees for running.

      These were small things that others don’t think about when starting to workout. Knowing this quickly has helped me to improve my performance and prevent injuries.

      This is the approach that I still follow to this day.

      Sometime ago, I got into cycling and bought cycling clothes. And because I was prepared this time, the cycling experience was the best from the start.

      6. Follow through with your New Year Resolution

      What was your New Year’s resolution ? Did you make a resolution to workout and run daily to become more fit and healthy.

      When you made a resolution this year, two things can happen.

      • You don’t follow through with your resolution,
      • You stick and commit to your resolution of working out to be fit.

      It is true: a new workout kit motivates you to go to the gym.

      But it is also true that you will feel good and also look good when surrounded by mirrors in the gym.

      At the end of the day, feeling good about yourself (self-care) is one of the main reasons you need to wear proper active wear clothes to your work out.

      What Did You Think?

      Now I’d like to hear from you.

      Which reason resonated with you to wear workout clothes.

      Are you going to add active wear clothes to your wardrobe? Or continue working out in cotton tees and pajamas?

      Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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