Say Goodbye to That Sweaty, Stained & Embarrasing Sweat !

Are you feeling embarrased about sweating when working out ? EVRYDY Zero Sweat t-shirts allow the sweat to flow out and cool air to flow in, so you'll never sweat when working out again. Ditch your sweaty, smelly cotton t-shirts and upgrade to sweat proof t-shirts. No need to break your bank.

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Sweat Proof Tshirts

Made with Anti-wicking material that wicks sweat away from your in seconds so you don't have to keep sweating all-day. Made with only 150 gsm , it is the lightest , more breathable t-shirt to keep you fresh and cool all day long.

Why is EVRYDY Better ?

  • Advance Sweat Control

    EVRYDY Zero Sweat t-shirts allow sweat to escape and cool air to enter, so you'll never sweat again while working out.

  • Durable & Stylish

    Built with 5 thread stitches that makes it last longer and adds a subtle style.

  • Fresh & Breathable

    With only 150 gsm lighter fabric, the tshirt is breathable and cooler to wear. You'll feel naked and want to wear all-day.

Sweat Free Collection

A great collection for your wardrobe.

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